Simply EK Hair Perfume-Rose

Hair perfume, or hair mist, is a fragrance that’s specifically designed to stick onto your

hair strands, keeping your hair smelling fresh. At the same time, it is enriched with

nutritive ingredients which helps to detangle, hydrate and add shine to your hair.

Hair perfume is different from perfume where it will not cause dry and tangling feel

when you apply on the hair. The reality is that you should never spray real perfume on

your hair. The perfume we use on our bodies contains mainly alcohol that can dry out

your hair. Hair perfumes, on the other hand, are specially designed to suit your locks.

They are nourishing, and don’t give off as dramatic of a scent.

Why are people using hair perfume?

The main reason is to get rid of hair odour, leaving a fresh and pleasant smell to the hair.

Hair odour could be smell due to several reasons:

a) Shower routine

b) Sweat

c) Oil

d) Product you used and etc.

Our hair perfume is formulated as a multi-functional fragrance by incorporated with

ingredients such as panthenol (Vitamin B5), moisturizing agents (glycerine, propanediol)

that helps to moisturize and strengthen the hair. Besides, it contains a blend of silicone

that helps to smoothen and shine down the hair but will not cause build up to the hair.

It is also incorporating UV absorber as well that provides protection and pleasant smell to your hair when using it.

Perfume Direction

With an adequate amount of hair perfume spray on the hair, it comes with sophisticated

floral-fruity note of fragrance that delicately freshen up the hair. Even better, this light

weight hair perfume is enriched with Vitamin B5 and UV filter which helps to add shine,

moisture, softness and protection to the hair.

Our product free from


*Mineral oil




Direction of use

Mist lightly over the hair for a longer-lasting experience.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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