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Souvenir products, Tailor Make (OEM products) and high quality products are mainly wholesale, and retail is also available. Welcome to inquire.


Our experience in the production of perfume bottles in Tailor Make (OEM products) began in 2015. The OEM factory is an international cosmetic, personal care factory and Hala Certified plant located in Malaysia, with more than 40 years of experience. The printing technology has also been patented. This souvenir is printed using the latest patented technology enabling clear and detailed images to be printed on the bottle. Most of the other existing glass printing only has the image printed on the glass surface with a rough image and can be easily scratched out. Our special printing technology enables the high-resolution image to be clearly printed on the glass firmly, do not fade, and will not be scratched, which is incomparable to other existing glass prints.


The Germfree7 product in High quality products is produced by a chemical plant in Hong Kong. The product is developed by a team of professors in Hong Kong. The product has been clinically tested for more than 10 years. It has also been certified to the international level.

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